Mircea Capatina, Co-founder, Smart Bill

Irina is one of the best professionals I've got the chance to work with!
She has many of the skills that you look for in a partner and she is very good at them too, thus I dubbed her The Machine:

  • Highly ethical and reliable
  • Super organized
  • A true team player leading by example
  • Data-driven and not just talks as there are so many experts these days
  • Committed to continuous learning and improvement
  • Always on top of things
  • A kind soul

I've learned a lot from Irina and her legacy will continue to help our company maintain its trajectory of high growth.


Michael Ni, CMO, RichRelevance

Working with Irina is a pleasure - she not only brings a razor sharp intellect, data-driven digital / social marketing expertise that helped multiply the business impact of our online initiatives, but a also a get it done attitude and collaborative style making her a natural energizer and key lead for any marketing team. She not only more than doubled, if not tripled most of our online metrics, she helped build many of our systems and practices from scratch.


Nicolae Andronic, Founder, Echoz

You know that moment in a startup when you first realize how much you need marketing and how little you know about it? Well, luckily for me, Irina was my mentor during this phase and managed to transform my perception of marketing from a mystical black-box, to a well-defined process, with clear paths and rules. Her structured, step-by-step approach, for putting order into chaos felt like a highway with a clear "Success" exit at the end. Irina was not satisfied just by helping me pass my current challenges but rather insisted to make me deeply understand marketing, by discussing how, when and why everything should happen. I use daily what I learned from her. A very organized person with a well-structured mind, having huge experience in everything related to marketing, Irina manages to understand the exact needs of the startup and "steer the ship" in the direction its founders intended.


Raj Badarinath, VP of Marketing at RichRelevance

I've had the pleasure of working with Irina for about 4 years, and she's always impressed me with her mastery of her domain (online marketing, SEO/PPC and social media). She's knowledgeable, driven, hard-working and fiercely loyal, with a great sense of humor. Always looking to advance the field, Irina seeks out learning and growth opportunities and shares the knowledge generously. Highly recommended.


Natalia Manolescu, Mentoring Program Coordinator, Startarium

I had the pleasure to work with Irina in 2 directions so far, and I am delighted I have had the chance to meet her. First, as a marketing mentor in Startarium, a project dedicated to supporting start-ups, and second as a trainer, where we developed online courses for those who are thinking of starting a business or those who are in their early stages and want to know more about how to market their business. What I admire at Irina is that she is very thorough, knows how to explain complex marketing concepts, and organize & define step-by-step plans, so that even a non – marketer could easily understand and implement right away. Her vast experience and in-depth knowledge allowed her to quickly adjust to different industries and come up with tailor-made recommendations for the start-ups she mentored. The feedback I got from the mentees is that they have never worked with someone as dedicated as her. With her, marketing seems like a plug-and-play tool meant to accelerate your business. Therefore, I recommend her for her capability to translate and teach growth marketing strategies to start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Delia Ene, Communications & AR Sr. Manager, 2Checkout

Irina is a remarkable marketing professional, always looking for innovative things, challenging the status quo, never afraid of experimenting and testing. Of a strategic mindset, Irina is also extremely good at execution, carrying out a humongous amount of work of high quality, by any standards really. A very strong individual, with a positive "can do" attitude, she's a great asset to any marketing team that wants to move things forward.


Petre Nitu, Founder, CreativeCPC

Irina is a motivational team leader and a passionate marketer. Ambitious, perfectionist and an avid reader, she is one of the best marketing managers I've worked with.


Peter Dimitrov

Just wanted to thank you for your great blog and the valuable posts, e-mails and info you are sharing so far. Thanks! Keep going in 2019 :)


Irina Sapegina

Thanks so much, Irina! I am enjoying reading your articles!


Yulia Bezginova

OMG, that's so amazing! Thanks a LOT for sharing this content. I am really grateful to you!


Leanne Rath

Thank you so much for the information, you've made keyword research so much more simple for me and I'm actually excited to start creating more engaging and useful content!


Drew Steckelberg

Wow, thank you for all of that great information! I believe marketing is a key component for small businesses to thrive and be successful.


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