About Irina

Hey, I'm Irina and I welcome you to my site: Marketing as a Habit.
I teach entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling with their digital marketing, and don't have the results they deserve, how to grow their business through natural and ethical marketing tactics, systematically, until it becomes a habit.
Teaching online marketing tactics by incorporating web psychology and online persuasion principles is my sweet spot. I'm passionate about the intersection of marketing and psychology, the art of persuasion, and what makes people click.
I have 10+ years of experience in marketing. My background involves experience as an in-house marketer for B2B software for Romanian and American brands both big and small; I managed online marketing and content teams; I mentor startups in marketing; and in the last 2 ½ years I've been head of marketing at a software company in the financial industry. 
The perspective I provide for the development of marketing strategies, for both small and big companies, is unique. I'm an experienced strategist with a passion for building programs that deliver measurable value— honest tactics that take work, not secret tactics for overnight success.
I've been working in the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem for a while now and am involved in growing the business scene in Romania as a marketing mentor at Startarium, a startup accelerator in Bucharest. 
The National Jury Board of Central European Startup Awards invited me to be a jury member for their competition.
I’ve also been in the jury board of Startarium Pitch Day, the biggest startup competition in Romania.
My latest adventure: running my online courses I create based on my experience in marketing. I teach what I've personally done to help various companies grow their business through online marketing strategies. More of that soon!
When I'm not teaching online marketing I read a lot about copy writing and storytelling, and travel as much as I can with my husband, experiencing new places and cultures. We've visited over 25 countries and we're planning to add even more to the list! :)
My list of guilty pleasures:
  • Binge watching on Netflix for hours (who's not?)
  • Vampire movies
  • Movies/series about vikings
  • Buying too many shoes 
  • Sleeping in whenever I get the chance
  • Nutella 
I am living proof that it's never too late to make your dreams real, so don't spend your time concentrating on what other people are doing and focus on learning as much as you can and hone your craft as best as you can. 
#Wordsofwisdom: Work smart and turn your marketing into a habit.
Enjoy prowling around my website and have an awesome day!

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