Be the Don Draper in your boring industry: 5 ingenious content tips to make a boring industry sound sexy

Whenever I think of someone inventive, Don Draper from the series Mad Men comes to mind. His ingenious ways of pitching new ideas to clients always amazes me and instills in me the desire to improve my creativity skills.

Most times it all comes down to how we communicate certain things, and our ability to transpose what seems to be boring information into helpful, and even interesting, content.

This is what I want to do in this article – give you a few ideas on how to make awesome content for a boring industry, if that happens to be yours.

I know a thing or two about boring industries as a gal who worked in both digital commerce for B2B and financial software industries for several years. And let me tell you – it ain’t hot or sizzling!

Here are some tactics I’ve picked up along the way that might give you a new perspective on how to package your content in a boring industry.

Showcase the benefits of using your products and services through customer success stories

This is a very lucrative way of illustrating the advantages of choosing your services, and at the same time it gives your customers the opportunity to be in the spotlight by letting people know more about their businesses, as well.

How you could approach this:

Step 1: Select 3-5 clients for starters – it would be most interesting if they were in different industries. This way you can show that your products are serving diverse business types and that they can be applied in multiple ways.

Step 2: Pay them a visit at their offices or do Skype interviews if you’re in different parts of the world and ask them to talk freely about their business and their struggles and challenges as entrepreneurs and business owners. Their story should be the spotlight.

You can have some questions prepared, but I would advise against it. When people get the chance to speak freely about their projects, it’s when the magic happens.

Step 3: At the end of the interview you ask them to tell you how their business or life changed when they started using your product/services and what are they using it for. Ask them to provide some examples. This should be 10-20% of the discussion. The remaining 80-90% should be about them and their story.

Step 4: Record all discussions, so that you can then transcribe them and make a series of blogposts out of all the stories.

Step 5: Ask them to send you pictures of their offices and employees to include them in the articles.

Step 6: Promote the articles on your social media channels and ask them to do the same.

It’s a win-win situation as by the end of the project you will have a series of customer success stories that are showcasing the benefits of using your services, and at the same time you get to promote your clients as the cool businesses they are and help them by gaining visibility and brand awareness around their businesses.

Showcase the benefits of using your products through fictive stories instead of customer success stories if you’re just beginning and don’t have any customers yet

Write a series of short fictive stories in which you describe how different types of businesses/customers could use your products/services and benefit from them and publish them on your blog.

Think of ways to improve content that’s ranking on Google and give it a different spin

Check out what websites are already ranking on the first page of Google by searching for relevant keywords that describe your products and services.

Go through the content ranking for those keywords – what type of content is it? Articles? Videos?

I’m assuming they’re already pretty relevant given the fact that they rank on the first page of Google. Even though that’s the case, think of creative ways of improving on those ideas if you were to write on the same topics.

If your competitors are usually using only text-based materials, what could you create to stand out even more before your audience?

Explain complicated concepts with the help of humor

When it comes to businesses that are offering complicated services, or that are just in a plain industry, the biggest mistake is to top that by using stiff language.

One innovative way of illustrating your products and services could be through funny videos. They have the chance of going viral and getting shared by people just because they bring a different perspective. (e.g: get your 70 year-old grandma to explain subscription billing for B2B or have kids explain difficult financial concepts).

Always create helpful content

Finally, no matter what industry you’re in, the type of content that answers specific questions people have isn’t boring – it is helpful.

Focus on providing relevant and helpful information to your customers that offers solutions to their pain points, and I’m sure they’ll perceive it as valuable.

In conclusion, let’s all try to be Don Drapers for our businesses.

It all translates to:

  • Understanding your USP (unique selling proposition) and values
  • Knowing your target audience as best as you can (Who needs what you have to offer?)
  • Articulating your values and solutions through content that is both easy to digest and is shareable

Every industry has a need and a purpose, and it’s our job to find new and creative ways to show it!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever struggled with writing content for boring industries and if you plan to take advantage of the ideas I’ve shared with you here!


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