A proven 3-step framework to help you generate great content for your business on a regular basis.

Want your content to stand out more?

Stop creating mediocre content that doesn’t resonate with your audience. Discover the words people use when they are looking for your services so you can can give them the content they are actually looking for.

Want Google to rank you higher?

Learn how to create SEO-relevant content by using specific, conversion-oriented keywords in your copy. Bring the right traffic to your site.

Having a hard time creating great content consistently?

Consistently producing good content is hard. This framework makes it easy. It identifies the common elements of successful content so you can achieve the same success.

Master the process of asking your customers for feedback and turn their pain points into powerful messages

No, your industry isn't too boring! And yes, you can find out the problems your customers are facing in their day-to-day business and transform them into relevant content pieces. I even show you how to do that if you don't have a customer base.

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"Great guide, very useful for any content program. Even if you know this stuff, the KICK framework gives you a different, fresh perspective on how to generate relevant content ideas. "

Delia Ene
Senior Manager, Communications at 2Checkout

What you'll learn

Everything in this guide can be applied to your business immediately. I even include plug-and-play templates.

  • A practical framework that you can use over and over again to come up with content ideas for your: blog, site, social media, podcast, videos, newsletters, etc.
  • Which keywords people are using to describe your business, so that you can start using them in your copy
  • What the top searches are in your industry and how to take advantage of them to get relevant traffic to your website
  • How to come up with articles for your blog that people actually want to read
  • What the content pieces are that are getting the most traction in your market and how you can replicate their success
  • How to answer the most pressing questions in your industry through your content and how to position yourself as a thought leader in your field

"This guidebook is a great tool for whoever is interested in learning more about creating valuable content. Marketing is more and more about sharing valuable knowledge and a successful marketer should understand how vital it is nowadays to perfectly understand your audience’s language and learn how to speak it. That’s what great content does and that’s what this amazing guide will teach you! Through a very simple to use technique, you’ll be able to identify what your customers are looking for online and transform their needs in valuable content that will set you apart from the competitors. A must have!"

Miruna Ursache
Content Manager, Smart Bill

No more boring, stale, forgettable content. Give your content personality!


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