Smart marketing for smart businesses

I help small businesses define their digital marketing strategy and grow their online presence.

Not just a list of random marketing tactics - you have the internet for that. Your business is unique, so we'll uncover the unique blend of strategies that work for you.

Let me show you how

"I met Irina in a moment when I knew I needed a marketing strategy for my start-up business, but I had no idea how to create one. Irina led me through all the steps, and provided me with a structure to which I could come back anytime. I found amazing her deep understanding of the challenges of a start-up, and probably this is the reason why her advice always hit the core of the issue. Backing up the theoretical content with relevant examples helped me go easier from theory to practice, and get clarity regarding marketing."

Viorica Hochrein
Owner, Mukibooks

A practical marketing guide for brave entrepreneurs and marketers during turbulent times

What entrepreneurs and marketers should be doing in times of uncertainty to keep sales high, protect their business, and pivot if needed.

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Does this sound familiar?

From feeling overwhelmed to selling more online


Time to:

  1. Bring in a constant stream of sales.
  2. Have a stronger online presence and brand awareness.
  3. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and let your uniqueness shine through.
  4. Automate your marketing processes so that you have more time to focus on your business.

I know how to help you

You need a marketing system that brings in a steady stream of customers every single day.

"Irina is one of the best marketing professionals I've got the chance to work with! I've learned a lot from her and her legacy will continue to help our company maintain its trajectory of high growth."

Mircea Capatina
Co-founder, SmartBill

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A practical marketing guide for brave entrepreneurs during turbulent times

What entrepreneurs and marketers should be doing in times of uncertainty to keep sales high, protect their business, and pivot if needed.

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Blog for smart and determined entrepreneurs & marketers

Learn how to gain exposure, attract more clients online, or figure out why your marketing might not be working with the help of step-by-step blog posts and guides.

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Step-by-step online growth course designed for busy entrepreneurs

Marketing Engine Formula is an online course in 5 steps for busy entrepreneurs designed to guide you in everything digital marketing with rapid implementation in mind.

Your marketing from A to Z

What makes Marketing as a Habit different?

A one-size-fits-all marketing approach DOESN'T work!

What works for others, won’t work for you, as your business is different than any other business out there.

It's all about figuring out that UNIQUE COMBINATION of elements that work for your business in the market that you're in.

The good news is that once you find that, everything else will quickly start falling into place. 

The key ingredient to all of this is having a clear roadmap that continually adapts to your business and the ever-changing marketing environment.

And that's what I'd love to show you how to build.

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